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How to stay out of recession in this season

Have you found out that you pay almost everyone for their services to you, but no one pays you for anything? When you take a bus from your house to your place of work you pay the driver, similarly when you buy ice-cream, bread, recharge card, you even pay electricity bills and other bills you pay everyone for their services, but who has paid you for your service to them. The more you keep paying the more money goes out of your pocket, and the more you become broke and the more you get hit hard by the economic recession, but have you stop to wonder what to do to bring money into your pocket? Well this is it.

Provide value.

 Value Is that thing you offer that can bring money out of people’s pockets to pay you; it could be a product or a service. Value is anything you do that makes people responds to you. Any amount of money that left you or anyone has not disappeared, it’s in the pocket of another, and all you need to do is to provide a service or sell a product so that they would pay you for it. So ask yourself, what is it that I do to make people pay me? If there is nothing well relax there is a way out.

There are many ways to stay out of recession. But one of the best ways to stay out of recession is to rise and become a person of value, an investor or activate multiple streams of income. As you know value is anything that you offer that makes people pay you. By becoming a person of value this way you improve on your skills and abilities such that you can monetize the skill for example the cobbler repairs your shoes, the tailor that sews your cloths, the bus driver that drives you to work. All this guys use their skills to get money out your hand. In other words they provide value to you and you pay them for it. As you know everyone has a talent which was given to him/her from God. One way to stay out of recession is to find a way to make your talent bring you money. If you have not discovered your talent your can discipline yourself for a little while maybe some months and acquire a skill from a professional it could be tailoring, vulcanizing just anything skillful that will offer value to people.

Another way is that if you are already working somewhere you can save little out of your salary every month and then invest it into a business or you can open up your own business. This will in turn be another stream of income for you, if your salary delays you can still get little money from your business. What most of us lack is discipline and self-control. It just takes a little time and its all yours for as long as you wish. 

There are 4 kinds of people.

1) Employee that is those that work to earn money. And they all have the same language. This is to get a safe secure job with pension and work hard.

2) Self employed he is the center of the business without him the business will not continue. They are usually the skilled people. Example doctors, plumbers, lawyers, carpenters etc. they usually work too hard to get money and no time to spend it.

3) Business men these people bring different people and resources to work for them. To achieve the goal.

4) Investors these people make money using money and assets they usually require patient because it requires time to grow.

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Few powerful tips to help you to help you stay out of recession

The problem with financial education is that it is not taught in schools. Unless your parents are at the top class they would never teach you how to be wealthy not because they don’t like you but because they don’t know how to. There are some important things to note. Your;






Are those things that bring money into your pocket, just anything that brings money into your pocket is an asset; It could be your job, business and so on. For example your job brings you monthly income that job is an asset. Some of us gather so much liability that we think are assets. For example our smart phones; they are liability because they have to recharge from time to time which takes money from our pockets. Even when we decide to sell them their monetary value reduces.


It Is anything that takes money out of your pocket, anything at all it could be your car, your Smartphone when money goes out of your pocket to pay for anything that thing is a liability.


It is the total money you earn from your assets. The total money that comes to you from all the sources you have


It Is the total money you spend on you liabilities.

Unfortunately most of us only have liabilities and so our expenses are high. The rich buy assets they acquire so much assets to an extent that it outweighs their liabilities and so their expenses is less that their income. No matter how much you earn from your income you will always spend it on liabilities, you need to acquire so much assets in so much that it outweighs your liabilities and so the amount that comes into your pocket outweighs your expense. If you want to get rich you have to make your money or assets work hard for you. The idea of going to school to get a job after graduation is obsolete. In this age of recession and lack of jobs that idea will not work. There is a new idea which is financial intelligence and entrepreneurship.

Components that make up Wealth

Are there really components that make up wealth? Yes. And it’s as simple as ABC. Most of us have so mystify wealth because we have suffered and are not able to attain financial freedom. The truth is that we don’t know that there are two parts to wealth.

You are not financially free if you cannot get whatever you want at the time you want it in the quantity you need it plus the time and money to enjoy it.

Poverty is your inability to get whatever you want, at the time you want, in the quantity you want it and also with the peace of mind and time to enjoy it, While wealth is the exact opposite of this definition.

Wealth is composed of just 2 things;

1) Value you offer

2) Leverage

Your goal for creating wealth is to understand how to create value.


Have you ever loved a girl and you just what is value? It is that thing you offer that can bring money out of people’s pockets to pay you; it could be a product or a service. Value is anything you do that makes people responds to you. Any amount of money that left you or anyone has not gone it’s in the pocket of another all you need to do is to provide a service or sell a product so that they would pay you for it. Value can be anything so far it is needed by people. You need to know how to create value, measure it, distribute it and exchange it for money. You cannot have money for doing nothing, until you offer something money cannot come to you and what you offer is called value.

Value can come in all forms it could be small, big expensive, and cheap provided you are offering something money will always come to you, either directly or indirectly.

Let’s examine Amazon.com owned by Jeff bezos. Amazon is an online shop that sales virtually anything one is in need of, it started with books, now with books it only provided value to a specific group of people, i.e those that are only interested in reading. With time Amazon added shoes, computers cloths and many other products which cannot be listed here. Amazon sells anything ranging from books to the tiniest thing you can think of. Having a lot of products makes them valuable to all the customers in need of those products.

Due to the social nature of man Facebook and other social media have been able to gain a lot of money. Because man is concerned about what goes on in his surroundings. Facebook is able to solve the problem of socialization to the point that some people would say there is an entry door into facebook but there is no exit. This is the extent to which facebook has become so valuable in the aspect of socialization.

Value cannot be restricted to only good things even drug barons are valuable to drug addicts. This is because they provide them with something of importance.


Is the ability to use your value (could be your skill or experience) or someone, to rise from your present level to a higher level of financial freedom. It could be your value itself or a person that has already risen higher than you.

The truth is that everyone has a value to offer you might have not yet discovered it. The best way to discover you area is to know. These things;

What makes you happy, what can you do effortlessly, what makes you very interested, what is it that you can do for long hours without getting bored or tired. What makes you angry, what will you change if you had the power to change things.

When you discover these things you then need to find a way to use it to offer solution to people in order to make money from them. You also need to know how to price this value you have and how to distribute it also the knowing the right audience or the right people in need of it. Because not everything Is valuable to everyone at every time one man’s trash is another man’s gold.

The ultimate formula for riches and wealth the secrets of the world’s richest people

When many of us look at the worlds richest, we admire them and most of us just wish their wealth just be transferred to us. Some of us wish we can just know the things they do to get their money. Well congratulations every rich/wealthy man alive today practices just 3 main principles either consciously or unconsciously over and over again until his wealth keeps growing continually. Although it is not the only principle they follow.

The secret of the worlds richest is based on 3 simple formula (principle) which are correlated. Each one formula cannot stand alone but any one of the formula can be applied much more than the others. The formula is;

The amount of money you will ever receive in your life is directly proportional to

1) The demand for what you do that is the product or service you offer.

2) Your ability to do what you do. That is how skillful you are at what you do.

3) The difficulty in replacing you.

It is too easy right. Well most of us think the formula is supposed to be a difficult rocket science kind of thing. Now let’s examine each principle closely and then compare them to the some of the world’s richest.

1) The demand for what you do. That is the product or service you offer.

One time a friend of mine, started to sell popcorn in the city’s central market, while it might look like a good idea the problem with it is that. Popcorn is mostly associated with children and teenagers. Adults can easily overcome the urge to eat popcorn. Which means the demand for popcorn is low at the city’s central market. The only way to make more sales is to change the location of the business to a place with higher demand for example to a school. So doing the sales might double or even triple due to the fact that children like popcorn.

Demand for your product or service is how much or how badly your product or service is needed. The demand for the product or service you render goes a long way in determining your wealth index and also how long and how far you will be relevant in a particular business. Never produce or render a service that the demand is very low or there is no demand at all. For example in a desert region guess what will be on high demand? Water of course! For as long as it is a desert there will always be a demand for water and anyone involved in the sale or packaging of water in that region will be rich because there is a high demand for water due to the condition of the place. Now take for instance, selling popcorn close to a hospital environment. The demand at this point is very low and the seller might likely not have many sales per day. The problem is that most of us go into business without really determining the condition and demand for what we are trying to offer. At times we go into a certain business because we heard that others make money from it and so we to want to make that quick cash also not knowing that there are different climates for different businesses.

Take bill gates for instance, he is a software engineer; he was the founder of Microsoft corporation. Being a software engineer he writes programs for computers in other words giving life to the computer. Now let’s look at this, computers have been so integrated in our lives that many of us cannot imagine a life without them. Even the gadget you are using to access this information is a computer. According to Moore’s Law in computers, information processing capacity doubles every eighteen months. At the same time, the cost of information processing drops by 50%. This is a staggering increase in efficiency! In fact, a new Lexus automobile today has more computer systems in it than the Apollo 13, which was the most advanced moon rocket of its time. That was just an example to show the importance of computers in our daily lives. Back then, when computers were still being developed bill gates was one of the first and best software engineer and programmer. A computer is useless without software/operating system. Seeing how important computers were going to be he started to program them to do various tasks. At his time he had monopoly on software and with the millions of computers being produced there was a need for them to have an operating system/software. Due to the ability of the computer to process information faster than the human being and due to the fact that computers will be needed all over the world and not only in one country the demand sky rocketed and In almost every office and any corner a computer system was needed in order to make work easier and faster. Now due to the rise in demand for computer systems bill gates rose to become a billionaire at age 31 because of his ability to program the computers.

In simple words the demand for computers was a worldwide thing. Consider 7 billion people in need of a computer and computers were useless without software and bill gates was one the first and the best programmers at his time. So this was what was responsible for his wealth.

2) Your ability to do what you do. That is how skillful you are at what you do.

Skill/experience is also an important factor in wealth creation. Your skill is also what you use to provide value. When government official want to carry out a building construction work they look for the best and the most experienced construction company. To get the job done, when you become very good at what you do you build a reputation of excellence and proficiency. When people see you, they know you are good at what you do and due to the reputation you have built it will be difficult for a new company or person in the same field to beat you at what you do because is has become difficult to replace you. Also when you gain a lot of experience in your field, with time if there is an important task related to your field that is about to be carried out it is likely you are the one to be sort for. For advice also this way it becomes difficult to replace you due to your years of hard work, learning from your mistakes and self improvement.

For example when you hear any of the following names their job or skill immediately comes to your mind. Michael Jordan, tiger woods, cristiano ronaldo, Donald trump. Etc when you become very good at what you do it is likely you will attract more customers than others making your wealth index increase.

3) The difficulty in replacing you.

This could come in many ways for example. When you become very efficient and excellent at what you do it will be difficult to replace you because your competitors now have a bench mark set for them by you. Until they are able to cross that bench mark they cannot beat you at what you do (could be your skill, your job etc.) the apple company is so influential because of their excellence and product differentiation in customer service delivery another company cannot beat apple until they are able to surpass this bench mark.

Another way is that you could be so diversified that your product or service covers all aspect of the market, take a look at Ebay, Amazon and other popular online market. They are so divers in sales that you will always find what you need from them no matter what it is.

Also you could make frequent updated versions of your product this is due to the fact that the human nature likes new things always. This will keep your customers focus on you always. Companies like Samsung and apple are so good at that.

The difference between the rich and the poor is not money in their pockets.

Have you visited a rich family with your parents, and before going you parents tell you to behave yourself and not to disgrace them when you get there. And when you get there you find out they behave differently from you and your family. Most of us might have not noticed that beyond money there are really difference between the rich and the poor.

Lets exam few of the difference between the rich and the poor what is it that make the rich, rich and the poor the way they are.

1) The rich believe in taking responsibility for their lives while the poor believe in chance, luck and hope of change.

2) The rich are very discipline and patient while the poor are impatient and indiscipline.

3) The rich believe in the law of process while the poor just want quick result.

4) The rich always plan and set goals, while the poor are impulsive and reactive.

5) The rich see challenges as opportunity and stepping stone while the poor see challenges as stumbling blocks.

6) The rich have great courage and persistence while the poor easily give up

7) The rich are great risk takers while the poor are afraid of taking risks.

8) The rich have a healthy self esteem, while the poor have a poor esteem of themselves.

9) The rich do not believe in get rich quick schemes (ponzi schemes) while the poor are always trying to get rich quick.

Simples Steps to financial freedom

Yes, the steps are simple and it’s not about getting a job, gambling or ponzi schemes (get rich quick schemes). While a job can accelerate you to financial freedom, it will never bring you financial freedom. Because financial freedom is the point at which you are no longer bothered about poverty, lack and the effects that come with it.

The best part is, everyone can attain financial freedom. But most people make little or no effort in order to achieve financial freedom while, others work very hard but in the wrong direction. Doing all sorts of things that push them away from becoming financially free, instead of helping them attain financial freedom. But there are just 4 east steps that will keep you in the right direction to financial freedom.

1) See the need to be wealthy. Many people are ok with their present condition and never see the need to be financially free for example rich kids. You will never strive to get what you don’t see important. When you see the need to be wealthy you will have that extra passion, the extra strength to strive even when the going gets tough because every level in life comes with new challenges.

2) After seeing the needs to be wealthy have a goal. A goal helps you to know where to focus your efforts and it makes you serious without a goal and effort all you have is a merely a wish. And the way to formulate your goal is to determine how much you want to earn. For example you want to earn 500,000 a month. Write it on a piece of paper, write out plans with which you intend to achieve the goal the plans should be plenty so you can have a plan B,C,D,E and so on these plans should not include get rich quick schemes, and then start working on it immediately

3) Also you need the understanding of the principles and formula for wealth. You also need a transformed mind and financial intelligence.

4) Take action your goal without action is merely a wish. The majority of people tend to be passive in their responses and reactions to life. They constantly wish and hope that something good will happen to them. They buy lottery tickets, watch television endlessly and complain about their situations. They resent successful people but are not willing to make the efforts that others have made to achieve what they have achieved. They live their lives like a person waiting for a bus on a street where no busses go. Hope Is Not a Strategy Hope is not a strategy for success. Your life is too precious and important to be left to chance. Your greatest responsibility is to take command of your future and shape your destiny the way you want it. Your goal must be to do something wonderful with your life.

The rules for wealth have changed. Check and see. How many of you have become really rich or wealthy by going to school and getting a Job?

Be honest with yourself, how many people have you met that have really become rich or wealthy by going to school and getting a job? You must have also found out that the richest people in the world are not working under anyone. In other words they own their own business. And you must have also found out that the rich people around you have other businesses they engage themselves aside from their jobs. Have you noticed that most of them are not using their school certificate? So is going to school and getting a job afterwards the way to riches and wealth? Going to school is very good and it is extremely important for any individual because without academic education an individual cannot even read let alone count his money.

You will agree with me that this day getting a job, including teaching is very difficult. There are thousands of people who graduate from school each year and yet all they are looking for is a job.

Many years back there was the agrarian revolution. At this time people owned a lot of lands and the wealthiest people were farmers. This was the age our forefather lived. Back then they had many children who helped to work on their farm lands. As time went by technology improved and this gave birth to many industries and there was a need for skilled laborers to operate machines calculate keep records and do all kinds of jobs, so in order to gain this skills and be employable in this factories and industries, there was a need for education so the emphasis changed from agriculture to, go to school get good grades (results) graduate and get a good job. Due to the many vacancies in these industries at that time there where many jobs available. And so people went to school to add value to themselves so that they could be employable. But now times have changed the idea of go to school get good grades (results) graduate and get a good job was the norm in the industrial age but current statistics have it that less than 10% of graduates in Nigeria get a good job including teaching in the first 2years of graduation. It’s not just by good grades anymore. Join the Information Age. There is a good deal of talk today about insecurity in the labor force. People are being laid off by the thousands every month, in both good times and bad. This trend will continue, with massive lay-offs every year for the indefinite future. Rapid changes taking place in knowledge and information are creating new products and services, and rendering many current products and services obsolete. When demand shifts, people have to move quickly to jobs producing what customers want today, versus what they wanted yesterday.

The sum total of human knowledge is doubling every two to three years. This means that you could take all the knowledge accumulated in human history, from every country and in every form, and put it into a huge pile. Three years from now, at most, there would be a pile of new knowledge next to it that is equal to or greater than the first pile.

Knowledge multiplies times itself, which accelerates the development of even more knowledge. A new piece of knowledge can be combined and recombined with other pieces of knowledge to create still more knowledge.

Instead of knowledge increasing at a mathematical rate in a steady progression, it is increasing in an exponential rate, faster and faster. By early in the 21st century, the total accumulated knowledge of mankind in certain areas will be doubling every year.

In personal terms, this means that today, your knowledge must double every two to three years just for you to stay even at your current level of ability, at your current income in your current field of work. If your personal knowledge is not increasing at the same speed that general knowledge is increasing in your field, you will be in great danger of becoming obsolete.

The main reason that people are laid off is that companies need new forms of knowledge and skill, and they need more knowledgeable people in newer, more specialized areas. Just as some companies are announcing layoffs of thousands of people, other companies are hiring thousands of people, in different positions, with different knowledge, performing different tasks.

It took 6,000 years of recorded history for man to move from the agricultural age into the industrial age, which officially began about 1815. By

1950, the majority of workers in the developed countries were industrial workers. But by 1960, in less than 150 years, the industrial age was over. We had entered into the service age. There were more people working delivering services of all kinds than there were in manufacturing.

By the late 1980’s, just twenty years later, we had left the service age, in terms of employment, and we had entered into the Information Age. There were more people working in the generation and processing of information than in any other area. As we move into the 21st century, we are already in the Communications Age. There are now more people employed in the generation and communication of information, ideas, entertainment, news or education, than there are employed in any other single industry.

Just imagine! It took 6,000 years to go through the Agricultural Age,

150 years to pass through the Industrial Age, 20 years to move through the

Service Age, twenty more years to pass through the Information Age and we are now in the Age of Communication. We have gone from muscle power to mind power, from brute power to brainpower. We have evolved from a focus on making and moving things to a focus on the creation and dissemination of ideas and knowledge. For the rest of your life, the knowledge content of your work, and your ability to communicate it, is largely going to determine the value of what you do the amount of money you earn and the overall quality of your life.

In this new era the only thing that can make you wealthy and sustain you is purely brain power; what do you have to offer? That can bring you money? Do you have ideas? What are your ideas? How good are your ideas? Have you started working on them? What is it that is holding you back? Are you skillful? Which area are you skillful? How good are you? All this things can bring you more wealth than you can ever imagine. Do you know why? Because you control how it is being dispensed and with that you control how much monwy comes to you.

Powerful keys of the mind to help achieve success

Here are some powerful keys to help you achieve success fast and easy.

1) Create Your Own Dream List

Here is a wonderful exercise for you. Take a piece of paper and begin to create your own personal “dream list.” Let your mind float freely. Imagine that you have no limitations. Imagine that you have all the time, all the money, all the resources, all the intelligence, all the education, all the experience and all the contacts in the world. Imagine that you could do, be or have anything in your life. Write down everything you would want in your life if you had no limitations whatsoever on your potential.

Be sure to decide what you really want before you decide what is possible. Don’t fall into the trap of limiting yourself in advance by thinking of all the reasons of why it’s not possible before you even begin writing. Put the word “possible” aside for now and just allow yourself to dream.

2) Make a List of Your Goals

Once you’ve finished your dream list, take another sheet of paper and write today’s date at the top. Then make a list of at least ten goals that you want to accomplish in the next twelve months. This is one of the most powerful goal achieving exercises you will ever learn. It is both simple and powerful, and all it requires is a piece of paper, a pen, and a few minutes of your time

Fully 97% of adults have no written goals. When you make out a list of ten goals that you want to accomplish in the next twelve months, you move yourself into the top 3% of people living and working today. By the simple discipline of committing your goals to paper, you join the elite.

Interestingly enough, if all you did was to write out a list of ten goals, and then put that sheet of paper away somewhere where you wouldn’t find it for a year, your whole life would change. At the end of twelve months, when you opened up that sheet of paper, you would be astonished to find that as many as eight of your ten goals had been achieved in the most remarkable ways.

You would notice amazing incidences of synchronicity and serendipity behind the attainment of each of your goals. You would see a remarkable string of interconnected coincidences for which you could not have predicted or planned. But the bottom line is this. You will have accomplished eight of your ten goals of your goals in ways that you cannot now even imagine. And all it costs for you to make this exercise work in your life is a piece of paper, a pen and about ten minutes.

3) A Proven Life Changer

This exercise has been tried with tens of thousands of people all over the world. No one had ever come back saying that it didn’t work. In fact, many people say that their entire lives changed after they did this exercise, sometimes in as little as thirty days. And the more successful you are already, the faster and greater will be your results when you write down these ten goals.

Not long ago, I gave a talk to a room full of high-powered financial executives. During the morning session, I recommended that they each write out ten goals for themselves before the end of the day. At the beginning of the afternoon session, I asked them how many had already written down their ten goals. Fully 60% of the audience had already completed them — at lunchtime! By the end of the day more than 90% of them had their goals done. And I am quite sure that they all had their goal lists complete before they went to bed that night.

Over the next twelve months, that division went on to break every sales record in the company. The people in that room became some of the top money earners in the industry. They still talk about this exercise, and rewrite their goals every year. They consider goal writing to be their secret weapon. It can be yours as well.

4) Determine Your Major Definite Purpose

Once you have a list of ten goals, go through it and ask yourself,

“Which one goal on this list, if I accomplished it, would have the greatest positive impact on my life?” Whichever it is, take that goal and write it at the top of another sheet of paper. This goal now becomes your major definite purpose for the foreseeable future. This becomes the goal that you think about and work on most of the time. This becomes the central organizing principle of your activities.

Definiteness of purpose enables you to set better priorities, make better decisions and do more of those things that will help you achieve your goal.

By writing down ten goals, selecting your most important goal, and deciding upon that as your major definite purpose, you move yourself moved into the top 1% of adults in our society.

5) Make a Plan to Achieve Your Goal

Below your goal on that sheet of paper, write out every single action that you can possibly think of that you could do now or in the future to achieve that goal. This is an important exercise. The more different actions that you can think of to take that will help you achieve your goal, the greater clarity you will have. You will become more convinced that your goal is attainable. You will become more confident and determined. You will be more eager to get started, and to keep going, when you have a list of activities to work on.

When you write down your goal the first time, you may experience doubts and misgivings. Although you wish and hope for that goal, you may be doubtful and even critical of your ability to achieve it. But when you begin to plan out the necessary steps you need to take, starting today, you begin to see your goal in a whole new light.

The greater the detail with which you plan the achievement of your goal, the more achievable it appears. By writing out your goals and plans, you plant them deeper into your subconscious mind. You increasingly believe that it is possible for you. You start to attract ideas, people and resources that help you to achieve it.

6) Take Action on Your Plan

Once you have a list of activities, select at least one and take action on it immediately. From the first time you take action on your list, you will begin to see progress. This progress will motivate you to take additional actions. You will begin to experiences examples of synchronicity in the events and circumstances that surround you. You will feel more in control of your life.

By writing, planning and working toward your goal, you will activate your reticular cortex. You will be more aware of people and possibilities around you that can help you to achieve that goal. You will have more energy and focus. You will be more clear and positive. You will begin to create your own future. And all it takes is a piece of paper and a few minutes of your time.

7) Winners Ask the Right Questions

Here is a key difference between winners and losers. The loser hears about this exercise of writing down ten goals, selecting one and then working on it every day, but then asks, “What if it doesn’t work?” But that’s the wrong question. The right question to ask, the question the winner asks is, “What if it does work?”

If it doesn’t work, all it costs you is a piece of paper and a few minutes of your time. However, if this ten-goal method works, it can change your life forever. Of course, if it doesn’t work, you will be one of the few people among countless thousands for which this exercise has not worked. In fact, you would probably have to be an extremely determined person to stop this exercise from working, in spite of yourself. However, the fact is that it does work. And it works faster than you could imagine. Give it a try and see for yourself.

8) The Principle of Accelerating Acceleration

Once you have your goals written out, there are a series of powerful mental techniques that you can use to move yourself faster toward your goals and to move your goals more rapidly toward yourself. The principle of accelerating acceleration is a powerful luck factor that you can use for goal attainment. This principle says that whatever you are moving toward begins moving toward you as well. Like attracts like. In a way, this is a corollary of the Law of Attraction, but with one important difference. When you first set a new, big goal, and begin moving toward it, your progress will often be quite slow. You may be frustrated and think of giving up. And the bigger your goal, the further away it will seem. You may have to work on for a long time before you see any progress at all. But this is all part of the process of goal attainment.

The 20/80 rule helps to explain the principle of accelerating acceleration. For the first 80% of the time that you are working toward your goal, you will only cover about 20% of the distance. However, if you persist and refuse to give up, you will accomplish the final 80% of your goal in the last 20% of the time that you spend working on it. Many people work for weeks, months and even years toward a big goal and see very little progress. They often lose heart and give up. But what they didn’t realize is that they had laid all of the groundwork necessary and were almost at the take-off point. They were just about to start accelerating toward their goal, and their goal was about to start moving at a greater speed toward them.

This principle of accelerating acceleration seems to apply to almost every big goal that you set for yourself. You must therefore decide in advance that you will never give up. This decision is one of the most powerful of all luck factors.

Everyone has dreams in each aspect of their lives. What do you imagine your dream house like, is it more beautiful than this?

What is your dream house like? Do you think it is more beautiful than mine?

My dream house is a state of the art house. It contains everything that a modern living can afford. It is one of the most expensive houses that have been built. There is constant electricity and everyone in my house does not know what power failure is, because it is well equipped with a reliable power supply, to supply me with electricity all the time. There is internet connection in every room in my house. The whole building is well secure with the latest security system, there are secret doors incorporated in the wall of my house. it is also an upstairs building. It is very extreme in beauty and my visitors get lost just looking at it. There is a garden, a car park, a playground or sport complex, a chilling spot and a swimming pool around my house.

My dream house has a library that is well equipped digitized and contains as many books as possible; well arranged and classified in shelves. The library is sound proof and also has a smart board plus teaching and learning facilities. I have a prayer and meditation room that is well decorated and dedicated to God and upon entering it, problems begin to be solved, sicknesses leave and miracles begin to happen. There is a music box and worship songs playing nonstop, there is a thinking/meditation chair. The room is filled with images that depict the love of Christ and the goodness of God.

My dream house has a master’s bed room upstairs for me and my wife and then other rooms for my children then two visitors room also. There are speakers for sound in every room and corner of the house except outside. They can be stopped individually from every room and corner without affecting the others with the source of the sound at the worship or prayer room. There is also constant pure water supply. My house survives off grid to avoid power and other associated failures.

The rooms of my house are well decorated with all the modern facilities available. There is a music room in my house well equipped, where my children and me will learn various kinds of instrument and also worship God there. There is a room called the memory room where all memories are kept and to also entertain visitors. There will be media storage devices and a movable chair to carry me around.

My parlor the most beautiful place in my house is shaped in a different way room the normal square and rectangular shape most parlors have, the stairs to my master’s bed room and other room is in the parlor. There is a dining hall to accommodate everyone in the house. The TV in my parlor is the biggest being manufactured this is because of the size of the parlor. My kitchen is world class and equipped with all utensils and facilities to give a good meal and of course elegant in beauty and store room to keep all food items. And no cooks my wife will do the cooking.

My compound is very large and well kept. It has a garden with different trees of fruits and another section with small farm to grow food. There are lots of trees around my house which make it beautiful, reduce sunshine and wind. Every section of my compound is well blended with the other making everything harmonious. The chilling spot as I call it is well rounded with chairs and canopy tp help one relaxes. There are also artifacts and sculptures of different types around the compound of my house. My car park is also large enough to accommodate all my cars. There are also few animals around my house. I have a gardener; menial workers but no cook and no gate-man.

Realize that, your mind is the most powerful force in your universe. You are where you are and what you are because of your habitual ways of thinking. Your thoughts are creative and they ultimately create your reality. As Emerson said, “A man becomes what he thinks about most of the time.” Therefore, if you change your thinking, you change your life. You actually become a different person and get different results. The greatest thinkers of all time, dating back to the earliest religions, philosophers and metaphysical schools, have all emphasized the power of the human mind to shape individual destiny. Become a Magnet for Good Luck the Law of Attraction explains perhaps the most important luck factor of all. This law, first written about 3000 years before Christ, says that, “You are a living magnet, and you inevitably attract into your life the people, circumstances, ideas and resources in harmony with your dominant thoughts.” The Law of Attraction falls under the Law of Cause and Effect. The Law of Attraction explains almost every circumstance of your life.

People who think and talk continually about what they want seem to attract more and more of those very things into their lives. People who talk about what they don’t want, or the things they fear or worry about, or who are angry and resentful, continually attract negative and unhappy experiences into their lives as well. The Law of Attraction is neutral, as are all of these other laws and principles. Natural laws do not play favorites. They function automatically and unemotionally. They affect you either positively or negatively, depending on whether you use them constructively or destructively. Perhaps the most important lesson you will ever learn is this: to be successful and happy, you must think and talk only about the things you want. At the same time, you must discipline yourself not to think and talk about the things you don’t want. This may sound simple and obvious, but it is often the most difficult of all exercises in self-control and self-mastery. With the right mindset you can change anything in your life no matter what it is.

The success law of 5% and 1% check and see where you are

What is the success law of 5%and 1%? Why is it that some people are more successful than others? Are they just born to be successful or born with a silver spoon in their mouths as most of people would say? Why is it difficult for many to achieve financial freedom but seems easy to others. What’s the secret? It there something they are not telling us? People spend so many hours working very hard and just seem to be stagnated no matter how hard they try. What is it about success and financial freedom that seems so hard for people to achieve?

It has become a proven fact that just 5% of people ever make it to what is called the top, success, riches or wealth in any field of endeavor and just 1% of these 5% get to the level where they are personally responsible for the outcome of their lives. This is what Is call the law of 5% and 1%, this percentage of people can encounter the same challenges and obstacles as others but the best part is they will eventually, overtime work to overcome it. The remaining 95% reach a plateau and find it hard to move forward or remain contented in whatever they are doing with little or no desire to become a leader or advanced to what is called the top where all the other influential people of the world are. Why is it so? This could be because they have tried and were not able to overcome their challenges and yet others just seem to move to the top as if they had no challenges.

7 billion people on the face of the earth. Just 5% of the people control 95% of the wealth and influence of the world and the remaining 95% of people just feel comfortable under them. Others try but not move. And just 1% of people get to the point where they are in full control of their finances and the outcome of their lives. What is it about this finances that seem to get people all worked up and stressed? Statistics say all the problems in any family are caused by 3 things. First financial problems, secondly intimacy issues, thirdly influences of relatives and in-laws. Financial problems never seem to just end some seem to hate the rich folks and associate money and wealth to fraud, corruption and other bad things maybe because they have tried and are not able to get there. Others just seem to keep dreaming and hoping they get to that point. Is money really mystical? How did the 5% that are at the top do it? Are there really principles’ to financial prosperity? How did they pass the obstacles that seem to be our Mount Everest?

It has become a proven fact from the world’s wealthiest men and women alongside thousands of books, videos, tapes and much more written by businessmen and wealthy people of the world, that prosperity and wealth or riches as we call it is not mystical there are principles that control it. So to become financially free one has to master these principles just as we master the principles to our daily work and routines so the more we get better at practicing these principles the more financially free we will become. Otherwise wealth will continue to be a thing of magic and mystery to us.

Remember, when wealth start to come, it comes so fast and so abundant that you will begin to wonder where it has been all the times you were broke. But it will only happen when you master the principles governing it and take action.

You have a role to play in stopping this economic recession

Do you know you have a role to play that can stop this economic recession very fast? How can you actually do this? It’s not a new thing because you must have found out that with the current economic recession. The cost of living and the prices of goods and services have increased beyond the normal price. Prices have doubled and even tripled. That is not even the real problem. The challenge now is that peoples purchasing power have not increased in any way to balance up with the changes in prices level. But there is something that can actually be done.
Statistics say that, in 1980 only 25% of Nigerians lived below the poverty line, it has increased to 78% below the poverty line in 2007 and now 90%. In 1970 Nigeria was the 48th richest and most developed nation of the world but now we are ranked 178th and still going backward. And Nigeria has over 190 million people 70% pre-youth and below age 30. With these constant declines the need to be financially free is just an understatement. But the problem is that if you don’t know where you are going you will not know when you have gotten there. And most of us always blame the government for this however, According to the IRS; there are more than five million millionaires in the United States, most of them self-made. There are almost 300 billionaires, most of who started with little or nothing. More than 100,000 people become millionaires in the United States each year, at a rate of one approximately every five minutes. Are all these people just lucky? I don’t think so because the research says they were self-made not government made or inherited from parents or relatives, if they were self-made then they really worked at it in order to get to the point they are right now, which is the millionaire status. If these guys blamed the government or waited for government to do things for them they would have never become millionaires or billionaires.

One of the adjustments that are needed in order to advance or take control of our life is your mindsets. Your mind is the most powerful force in your universe. Believe it or not, you are where you are and what you are because of your habitual ways of thinking. The most dangerous mentalities we need to drop to before we can attain the millionaire or billionaire status is entitlement mentality. (the feeling that someone somewhere owes you something or the feeling that your predicament is caused by someone or always putting blame on people around you for your losses) yes the government has failed. But what are you doing to help yourself and others around you? Others blame the government and some blame family members. Some just want their parents/ guardians dead so that they can inherit their properties. This mentality will never move you forward, you have to come to an understanding that I am in total control of my life and destiny and that no one can make me fall unless I allow them.

Also I take responsibility for everything in my life. I refuse to blame anyone for any predicament but I blame myself. When you maintain this mind set you will always take action and will at the same time stop blaming relatives or the government for your problems. This will cause you to start seeing everything in a whole new way and things will start working for you because you will force them to work, because you are now in control and if it does not work it is your fault.

Remember, when wealth start to come, it comes so fast and so abundant that you will begin to wonder where it has been all the times you were broke. But it will only happen when you master the principles governing it and take action.

Do you think rich people are lazy or are they just lucky?

Are you sure the world’s richest people and the wealthy people around you are just luckier than you are? Do you think a miracle just happened and just like that they became wealthy? Then think again.

You will agree with me that when a guitarist plays an excellent solo, a musician sings a heartwarming song, a carpenter constructs a very beautiful wood work or a company designs the best and most excellent phone available at the time. You will agree with me that when you see the above listed things the first thing that comes to your mind is “skill” and long hours of practice and hard work. Yet most of us think the world’s wealthiest men are just lucky.

Do you know that? When Comfort gets too much it makes a man useless. Some time back I came across a matured guy am sure in his late 20’s or early 30’s living with his elder sister who is married and feeding from her. She bought him a car which he uses to cruise round the town bragging and showing off to ladies. She got him a job with a bank and he still lives with her seeing this I said to myself, will he get married and bring his wife to his sister’s house? He is matured enough to work for himself but yet he is being fed, clothed and cared for living a fake life because most of what he uses are not his sweat.

A man like that cannot achieve any tangible progress in his life if he continues living like that. Most people like everything to be done for them. That is laziness. Its people with behavior like that that blame the government and just sit there waiting for things to happen for them believing thinking a job will just fly to their door steps and not making a move to achieve their dreams. This young man will think that the rich sister and her husband with their rich friends are just lucky forgetting that the rich people are very hard working they deserve their money. What if the husband was to decide he didn’t want him in the house again and collected everything from him how was he going to cope with life after that? Its people like that that tend to hate rich people and wish for their deaths. Because to them it seem as if they have tried and it didn’t work for them or they are not just lucky enough and so the best thing is to wish bad for the successful ones, so they can be at the same level.

One of the first steps to riches is having a strong desire to be rich or wealthy, how would u know u have a strong desire to be wealthy? This desire will always push you to take action; those that have strong desire never sit and wish things to happen they make it happen by moving into action. No matter how strong your desire is if you never make a move then it’s only a wish and not a desire. If you never take action things will never work out, Get up and take action never sit and expect to be lucky just like that.

Remember, when wealth start to come, it comes so fast and so abundant that you will begin to wonder where it has been all the times you were broke. But it will only happen when you master the principles governing it and take action.

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