Saturday, 29 April 2017

Components that make up Wealth

Are there really components that make up wealth? Yes. And it’s as simple as ABC. Most of us have so mystify wealth because we have suffered and are not able to attain financial freedom. The truth is that we don’t know that there are two parts to wealth.

You are not financially free if you cannot get whatever you want at the time you want it in the quantity you need it plus the time and money to enjoy it.

Poverty is your inability to get whatever you want, at the time you want, in the quantity you want it and also with the peace of mind and time to enjoy it, While wealth is the exact opposite of this definition.

Wealth is composed of just 2 things;

1) Value you offer

2) Leverage

Your goal for creating wealth is to understand how to create value.


Have you ever loved a girl and you just what is value? It is that thing you offer that can bring money out of people’s pockets to pay you; it could be a product or a service. Value is anything you do that makes people responds to you. Any amount of money that left you or anyone has not gone it’s in the pocket of another all you need to do is to provide a service or sell a product so that they would pay you for it. Value can be anything so far it is needed by people. You need to know how to create value, measure it, distribute it and exchange it for money. You cannot have money for doing nothing, until you offer something money cannot come to you and what you offer is called value.

Value can come in all forms it could be small, big expensive, and cheap provided you are offering something money will always come to you, either directly or indirectly.

Let’s examine Amazon.com owned by Jeff bezos. Amazon is an online shop that sales virtually anything one is in need of, it started with books, now with books it only provided value to a specific group of people, i.e those that are only interested in reading. With time Amazon added shoes, computers cloths and many other products which cannot be listed here. Amazon sells anything ranging from books to the tiniest thing you can think of. Having a lot of products makes them valuable to all the customers in need of those products.

Due to the social nature of man Facebook and other social media have been able to gain a lot of money. Because man is concerned about what goes on in his surroundings. Facebook is able to solve the problem of socialization to the point that some people would say there is an entry door into facebook but there is no exit. This is the extent to which facebook has become so valuable in the aspect of socialization.

Value cannot be restricted to only good things even drug barons are valuable to drug addicts. This is because they provide them with something of importance.


Is the ability to use your value (could be your skill or experience) or someone, to rise from your present level to a higher level of financial freedom. It could be your value itself or a person that has already risen higher than you.

The truth is that everyone has a value to offer you might have not yet discovered it. The best way to discover you area is to know. These things;

What makes you happy, what can you do effortlessly, what makes you very interested, what is it that you can do for long hours without getting bored or tired. What makes you angry, what will you change if you had the power to change things.

When you discover these things you then need to find a way to use it to offer solution to people in order to make money from them. You also need to know how to price this value you have and how to distribute it also the knowing the right audience or the right people in need of it. Because not everything Is valuable to everyone at every time one man’s trash is another man’s gold.

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