Saturday, 29 April 2017

Do you think rich people are lazy or are they just lucky?

Are you sure the world’s richest people and the wealthy people around you are just luckier than you are? Do you think a miracle just happened and just like that they became wealthy? Then think again.

You will agree with me that when a guitarist plays an excellent solo, a musician sings a heartwarming song, a carpenter constructs a very beautiful wood work or a company designs the best and most excellent phone available at the time. You will agree with me that when you see the above listed things the first thing that comes to your mind is “skill” and long hours of practice and hard work. Yet most of us think the world’s wealthiest men are just lucky.

Do you know that? When Comfort gets too much it makes a man useless. Some time back I came across a matured guy am sure in his late 20’s or early 30’s living with his elder sister who is married and feeding from her. She bought him a car which he uses to cruise round the town bragging and showing off to ladies. She got him a job with a bank and he still lives with her seeing this I said to myself, will he get married and bring his wife to his sister’s house? He is matured enough to work for himself but yet he is being fed, clothed and cared for living a fake life because most of what he uses are not his sweat.

A man like that cannot achieve any tangible progress in his life if he continues living like that. Most people like everything to be done for them. That is laziness. Its people with behavior like that that blame the government and just sit there waiting for things to happen for them believing thinking a job will just fly to their door steps and not making a move to achieve their dreams. This young man will think that the rich sister and her husband with their rich friends are just lucky forgetting that the rich people are very hard working they deserve their money. What if the husband was to decide he didn’t want him in the house again and collected everything from him how was he going to cope with life after that? Its people like that that tend to hate rich people and wish for their deaths. Because to them it seem as if they have tried and it didn’t work for them or they are not just lucky enough and so the best thing is to wish bad for the successful ones, so they can be at the same level.

One of the first steps to riches is having a strong desire to be rich or wealthy, how would u know u have a strong desire to be wealthy? This desire will always push you to take action; those that have strong desire never sit and wish things to happen they make it happen by moving into action. No matter how strong your desire is if you never make a move then it’s only a wish and not a desire. If you never take action things will never work out, Get up and take action never sit and expect to be lucky just like that.

Remember, when wealth start to come, it comes so fast and so abundant that you will begin to wonder where it has been all the times you were broke. But it will only happen when you master the principles governing it and take action.

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