Saturday, 29 April 2017

Everyone has dreams in each aspect of their lives. What do you imagine your dream house like, is it more beautiful than this?

What is your dream house like? Do you think it is more beautiful than mine?

My dream house is a state of the art house. It contains everything that a modern living can afford. It is one of the most expensive houses that have been built. There is constant electricity and everyone in my house does not know what power failure is, because it is well equipped with a reliable power supply, to supply me with electricity all the time. There is internet connection in every room in my house. The whole building is well secure with the latest security system, there are secret doors incorporated in the wall of my house. it is also an upstairs building. It is very extreme in beauty and my visitors get lost just looking at it. There is a garden, a car park, a playground or sport complex, a chilling spot and a swimming pool around my house.

My dream house has a library that is well equipped digitized and contains as many books as possible; well arranged and classified in shelves. The library is sound proof and also has a smart board plus teaching and learning facilities. I have a prayer and meditation room that is well decorated and dedicated to God and upon entering it, problems begin to be solved, sicknesses leave and miracles begin to happen. There is a music box and worship songs playing nonstop, there is a thinking/meditation chair. The room is filled with images that depict the love of Christ and the goodness of God.

My dream house has a master’s bed room upstairs for me and my wife and then other rooms for my children then two visitors room also. There are speakers for sound in every room and corner of the house except outside. They can be stopped individually from every room and corner without affecting the others with the source of the sound at the worship or prayer room. There is also constant pure water supply. My house survives off grid to avoid power and other associated failures.

The rooms of my house are well decorated with all the modern facilities available. There is a music room in my house well equipped, where my children and me will learn various kinds of instrument and also worship God there. There is a room called the memory room where all memories are kept and to also entertain visitors. There will be media storage devices and a movable chair to carry me around.

My parlor the most beautiful place in my house is shaped in a different way room the normal square and rectangular shape most parlors have, the stairs to my master’s bed room and other room is in the parlor. There is a dining hall to accommodate everyone in the house. The TV in my parlor is the biggest being manufactured this is because of the size of the parlor. My kitchen is world class and equipped with all utensils and facilities to give a good meal and of course elegant in beauty and store room to keep all food items. And no cooks my wife will do the cooking.

My compound is very large and well kept. It has a garden with different trees of fruits and another section with small farm to grow food. There are lots of trees around my house which make it beautiful, reduce sunshine and wind. Every section of my compound is well blended with the other making everything harmonious. The chilling spot as I call it is well rounded with chairs and canopy tp help one relaxes. There are also artifacts and sculptures of different types around the compound of my house. My car park is also large enough to accommodate all my cars. There are also few animals around my house. I have a gardener; menial workers but no cook and no gate-man.

Realize that, your mind is the most powerful force in your universe. You are where you are and what you are because of your habitual ways of thinking. Your thoughts are creative and they ultimately create your reality. As Emerson said, “A man becomes what he thinks about most of the time.” Therefore, if you change your thinking, you change your life. You actually become a different person and get different results. The greatest thinkers of all time, dating back to the earliest religions, philosophers and metaphysical schools, have all emphasized the power of the human mind to shape individual destiny. Become a Magnet for Good Luck the Law of Attraction explains perhaps the most important luck factor of all. This law, first written about 3000 years before Christ, says that, “You are a living magnet, and you inevitably attract into your life the people, circumstances, ideas and resources in harmony with your dominant thoughts.” The Law of Attraction falls under the Law of Cause and Effect. The Law of Attraction explains almost every circumstance of your life.

People who think and talk continually about what they want seem to attract more and more of those very things into their lives. People who talk about what they don’t want, or the things they fear or worry about, or who are angry and resentful, continually attract negative and unhappy experiences into their lives as well. The Law of Attraction is neutral, as are all of these other laws and principles. Natural laws do not play favorites. They function automatically and unemotionally. They affect you either positively or negatively, depending on whether you use them constructively or destructively. Perhaps the most important lesson you will ever learn is this: to be successful and happy, you must think and talk only about the things you want. At the same time, you must discipline yourself not to think and talk about the things you don’t want. This may sound simple and obvious, but it is often the most difficult of all exercises in self-control and self-mastery. With the right mindset you can change anything in your life no matter what it is.

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