Sunday, 30 April 2017

How to stay out of recession in this season

Have you found out that you pay almost everyone for their services to you, but no one pays you for anything? When you take a bus from your house to your place of work you pay the driver, similarly when you buy ice-cream, bread, recharge card, you even pay electricity bills and other bills you pay everyone for their services, but who has paid you for your service to them. The more you keep paying the more money goes out of your pocket, and the more you become broke and the more you get hit hard by the economic recession, but have you stop to wonder what to do to bring money into your pocket? Well this is it.

Provide value.

 Value Is that thing you offer that can bring money out of people’s pockets to pay you; it could be a product or a service. Value is anything you do that makes people responds to you. Any amount of money that left you or anyone has not disappeared, it’s in the pocket of another, and all you need to do is to provide a service or sell a product so that they would pay you for it. So ask yourself, what is it that I do to make people pay me? If there is nothing well relax there is a way out.

There are many ways to stay out of recession. But one of the best ways to stay out of recession is to rise and become a person of value, an investor or activate multiple streams of income. As you know value is anything that you offer that makes people pay you. By becoming a person of value this way you improve on your skills and abilities such that you can monetize the skill for example the cobbler repairs your shoes, the tailor that sews your cloths, the bus driver that drives you to work. All this guys use their skills to get money out your hand. In other words they provide value to you and you pay them for it. As you know everyone has a talent which was given to him/her from God. One way to stay out of recession is to find a way to make your talent bring you money. If you have not discovered your talent your can discipline yourself for a little while maybe some months and acquire a skill from a professional it could be tailoring, vulcanizing just anything skillful that will offer value to people.

Another way is that if you are already working somewhere you can save little out of your salary every month and then invest it into a business or you can open up your own business. This will in turn be another stream of income for you, if your salary delays you can still get little money from your business. What most of us lack is discipline and self-control. It just takes a little time and its all yours for as long as you wish. 

There are 4 kinds of people.

1) Employee that is those that work to earn money. And they all have the same language. This is to get a safe secure job with pension and work hard.

2) Self employed he is the center of the business without him the business will not continue. They are usually the skilled people. Example doctors, plumbers, lawyers, carpenters etc. they usually work too hard to get money and no time to spend it.

3) Business men these people bring different people and resources to work for them. To achieve the goal.

4) Investors these people make money using money and assets they usually require patient because it requires time to grow.

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