Saturday, 29 April 2017

Simples Steps to financial freedom

Yes, the steps are simple and it’s not about getting a job, gambling or ponzi schemes (get rich quick schemes). While a job can accelerate you to financial freedom, it will never bring you financial freedom. Because financial freedom is the point at which you are no longer bothered about poverty, lack and the effects that come with it.

The best part is, everyone can attain financial freedom. But most people make little or no effort in order to achieve financial freedom while, others work very hard but in the wrong direction. Doing all sorts of things that push them away from becoming financially free, instead of helping them attain financial freedom. But there are just 4 east steps that will keep you in the right direction to financial freedom.

1) See the need to be wealthy. Many people are ok with their present condition and never see the need to be financially free for example rich kids. You will never strive to get what you don’t see important. When you see the need to be wealthy you will have that extra passion, the extra strength to strive even when the going gets tough because every level in life comes with new challenges.

2) After seeing the needs to be wealthy have a goal. A goal helps you to know where to focus your efforts and it makes you serious without a goal and effort all you have is a merely a wish. And the way to formulate your goal is to determine how much you want to earn. For example you want to earn 500,000 a month. Write it on a piece of paper, write out plans with which you intend to achieve the goal the plans should be plenty so you can have a plan B,C,D,E and so on these plans should not include get rich quick schemes, and then start working on it immediately

3) Also you need the understanding of the principles and formula for wealth. You also need a transformed mind and financial intelligence.

4) Take action your goal without action is merely a wish. The majority of people tend to be passive in their responses and reactions to life. They constantly wish and hope that something good will happen to them. They buy lottery tickets, watch television endlessly and complain about their situations. They resent successful people but are not willing to make the efforts that others have made to achieve what they have achieved. They live their lives like a person waiting for a bus on a street where no busses go. Hope Is Not a Strategy Hope is not a strategy for success. Your life is too precious and important to be left to chance. Your greatest responsibility is to take command of your future and shape your destiny the way you want it. Your goal must be to do something wonderful with your life.

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