Saturday, 29 April 2017

The difference between the rich and the poor is not money in their pockets.

Have you visited a rich family with your parents, and before going you parents tell you to behave yourself and not to disgrace them when you get there. And when you get there you find out they behave differently from you and your family. Most of us might have not noticed that beyond money there are really difference between the rich and the poor.

Lets exam few of the difference between the rich and the poor what is it that make the rich, rich and the poor the way they are.

1) The rich believe in taking responsibility for their lives while the poor believe in chance, luck and hope of change.

2) The rich are very discipline and patient while the poor are impatient and indiscipline.

3) The rich believe in the law of process while the poor just want quick result.

4) The rich always plan and set goals, while the poor are impulsive and reactive.

5) The rich see challenges as opportunity and stepping stone while the poor see challenges as stumbling blocks.

6) The rich have great courage and persistence while the poor easily give up

7) The rich are great risk takers while the poor are afraid of taking risks.

8) The rich have a healthy self esteem, while the poor have a poor esteem of themselves.

9) The rich do not believe in get rich quick schemes (ponzi schemes) while the poor are always trying to get rich quick.

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