Saturday, 29 April 2017

The rules for wealth have changed. Check and see. How many of you have become really rich or wealthy by going to school and getting a Job?

Be honest with yourself, how many people have you met that have really become rich or wealthy by going to school and getting a job? You must have also found out that the richest people in the world are not working under anyone. In other words they own their own business. And you must have also found out that the rich people around you have other businesses they engage themselves aside from their jobs. Have you noticed that most of them are not using their school certificate? So is going to school and getting a job afterwards the way to riches and wealth? Going to school is very good and it is extremely important for any individual because without academic education an individual cannot even read let alone count his money.

You will agree with me that this day getting a job, including teaching is very difficult. There are thousands of people who graduate from school each year and yet all they are looking for is a job.

Many years back there was the agrarian revolution. At this time people owned a lot of lands and the wealthiest people were farmers. This was the age our forefather lived. Back then they had many children who helped to work on their farm lands. As time went by technology improved and this gave birth to many industries and there was a need for skilled laborers to operate machines calculate keep records and do all kinds of jobs, so in order to gain this skills and be employable in this factories and industries, there was a need for education so the emphasis changed from agriculture to, go to school get good grades (results) graduate and get a good job. Due to the many vacancies in these industries at that time there where many jobs available. And so people went to school to add value to themselves so that they could be employable. But now times have changed the idea of go to school get good grades (results) graduate and get a good job was the norm in the industrial age but current statistics have it that less than 10% of graduates in Nigeria get a good job including teaching in the first 2years of graduation. It’s not just by good grades anymore. Join the Information Age. There is a good deal of talk today about insecurity in the labor force. People are being laid off by the thousands every month, in both good times and bad. This trend will continue, with massive lay-offs every year for the indefinite future. Rapid changes taking place in knowledge and information are creating new products and services, and rendering many current products and services obsolete. When demand shifts, people have to move quickly to jobs producing what customers want today, versus what they wanted yesterday.

The sum total of human knowledge is doubling every two to three years. This means that you could take all the knowledge accumulated in human history, from every country and in every form, and put it into a huge pile. Three years from now, at most, there would be a pile of new knowledge next to it that is equal to or greater than the first pile.

Knowledge multiplies times itself, which accelerates the development of even more knowledge. A new piece of knowledge can be combined and recombined with other pieces of knowledge to create still more knowledge.

Instead of knowledge increasing at a mathematical rate in a steady progression, it is increasing in an exponential rate, faster and faster. By early in the 21st century, the total accumulated knowledge of mankind in certain areas will be doubling every year.

In personal terms, this means that today, your knowledge must double every two to three years just for you to stay even at your current level of ability, at your current income in your current field of work. If your personal knowledge is not increasing at the same speed that general knowledge is increasing in your field, you will be in great danger of becoming obsolete.

The main reason that people are laid off is that companies need new forms of knowledge and skill, and they need more knowledgeable people in newer, more specialized areas. Just as some companies are announcing layoffs of thousands of people, other companies are hiring thousands of people, in different positions, with different knowledge, performing different tasks.

It took 6,000 years of recorded history for man to move from the agricultural age into the industrial age, which officially began about 1815. By

1950, the majority of workers in the developed countries were industrial workers. But by 1960, in less than 150 years, the industrial age was over. We had entered into the service age. There were more people working delivering services of all kinds than there were in manufacturing.

By the late 1980’s, just twenty years later, we had left the service age, in terms of employment, and we had entered into the Information Age. There were more people working in the generation and processing of information than in any other area. As we move into the 21st century, we are already in the Communications Age. There are now more people employed in the generation and communication of information, ideas, entertainment, news or education, than there are employed in any other single industry.

Just imagine! It took 6,000 years to go through the Agricultural Age,

150 years to pass through the Industrial Age, 20 years to move through the

Service Age, twenty more years to pass through the Information Age and we are now in the Age of Communication. We have gone from muscle power to mind power, from brute power to brainpower. We have evolved from a focus on making and moving things to a focus on the creation and dissemination of ideas and knowledge. For the rest of your life, the knowledge content of your work, and your ability to communicate it, is largely going to determine the value of what you do the amount of money you earn and the overall quality of your life.

In this new era the only thing that can make you wealthy and sustain you is purely brain power; what do you have to offer? That can bring you money? Do you have ideas? What are your ideas? How good are your ideas? Have you started working on them? What is it that is holding you back? Are you skillful? Which area are you skillful? How good are you? All this things can bring you more wealth than you can ever imagine. Do you know why? Because you control how it is being dispensed and with that you control how much monwy comes to you.

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