Saturday, 29 April 2017

The success law of 5% and 1% check and see where you are

What is the success law of 5%and 1%? Why is it that some people are more successful than others? Are they just born to be successful or born with a silver spoon in their mouths as most of people would say? Why is it difficult for many to achieve financial freedom but seems easy to others. What’s the secret? It there something they are not telling us? People spend so many hours working very hard and just seem to be stagnated no matter how hard they try. What is it about success and financial freedom that seems so hard for people to achieve?

It has become a proven fact that just 5% of people ever make it to what is called the top, success, riches or wealth in any field of endeavor and just 1% of these 5% get to the level where they are personally responsible for the outcome of their lives. This is what Is call the law of 5% and 1%, this percentage of people can encounter the same challenges and obstacles as others but the best part is they will eventually, overtime work to overcome it. The remaining 95% reach a plateau and find it hard to move forward or remain contented in whatever they are doing with little or no desire to become a leader or advanced to what is called the top where all the other influential people of the world are. Why is it so? This could be because they have tried and were not able to overcome their challenges and yet others just seem to move to the top as if they had no challenges.

7 billion people on the face of the earth. Just 5% of the people control 95% of the wealth and influence of the world and the remaining 95% of people just feel comfortable under them. Others try but not move. And just 1% of people get to the point where they are in full control of their finances and the outcome of their lives. What is it about this finances that seem to get people all worked up and stressed? Statistics say all the problems in any family are caused by 3 things. First financial problems, secondly intimacy issues, thirdly influences of relatives and in-laws. Financial problems never seem to just end some seem to hate the rich folks and associate money and wealth to fraud, corruption and other bad things maybe because they have tried and are not able to get there. Others just seem to keep dreaming and hoping they get to that point. Is money really mystical? How did the 5% that are at the top do it? Are there really principles’ to financial prosperity? How did they pass the obstacles that seem to be our Mount Everest?

It has become a proven fact from the world’s wealthiest men and women alongside thousands of books, videos, tapes and much more written by businessmen and wealthy people of the world, that prosperity and wealth or riches as we call it is not mystical there are principles that control it. So to become financially free one has to master these principles just as we master the principles to our daily work and routines so the more we get better at practicing these principles the more financially free we will become. Otherwise wealth will continue to be a thing of magic and mystery to us.

Remember, when wealth start to come, it comes so fast and so abundant that you will begin to wonder where it has been all the times you were broke. But it will only happen when you master the principles governing it and take action.

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