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How to monetize your talent

As it is always said your talent is one of the easy ways God has made for you to be able to make money with little or no sweat.  Look at 2face, psquare, fahlz, and other talented musicians. All they do is sing and they are paid for singing, the best part is that they love what they do. What you are talented at is the only thing you will love to do at anytime anywhere and never get tired of doing so.
The best thing is that everybody is talented, all you need to do is to discover it and you are on your way to riches. If you have not discovered it, look at what you enjoy doing the most and what gives you joy always and you will be able to know your talent.

This is how you monetize you talent; every talent has its targeted audience for example, graphics designer has a different audience from a comedian so also a cartoonist.

So to monetize your talent;
>find the targeted audience for your talent
>know exactly what they want
>provide it to them at a price they can afford.

So for example, if you are a cartoonist; your targeted audience might be children, find out exactly what they want, that is what they will enjoy watching, listening or reading. Then provide it to them at at price they can afford.

Make money from event management

You will agree with me that, Every Saturday is somebody’s wedding ceremony also everyday is somebody’s birthday. There is an event and social gathering at a place at every point in time. Have you now seen that you have been passing by money every day and have not noticed it?
Depending on the location, event managers give different price for their services sometimes they are priced up to 4 million naira to organize a wedding ceremony.
All you need to do is to have a knowledge and experience on event management and you are good to go. If you don’t, you can learn it. if you are patient within few months to 3 years you would have known what it takes to be an event manager.
 Else there are various aspects of event management, there is catering services, rentals, decoration, renting of decoration materials, ushering services and so on no matter how bad you are you should be able to fit into an aspect for example almost everybody should be able to do ushering. Look at it from this stand point. If you usher in 4 weddings in a month you will get paid for that. Also there are other benefits that come from being part of the team.
It is really not difficult to make money all we need to do it to have an eye for details and to be able to act at the right time.

Easy ways you can make money as a student

As students’ money is never enough, there is always a need for more money, there is always something to buy. Many students do not know that there are many easy methods they can apply to make money.

Here are few easy ways you can use in order to make more money as a student.
1) Your talent
2) Assignments
3) Tutorials
4) Campus business

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1) Your talent:
Your talent is the best gift from God to you to make money, and school especially the campus is the best place to test a business idea. Most of us are talented in one thing or the other for example. You are good at bead making , you can make body ornament for people like necklace, wristband earrings and so on what you require is just a little capital to buy your tools. All you need to do is stay in your hostel room and design a beautiful masterpiece and advertise it by showing it to your friends and colleagues. Within a short time you will gain a lot of customers.

2) Assignments:
Have you stop to wonder how much those business centers you take your projects, photocopies, printing, Etc. have you stop to wonder how much they make in a day. Considering the plenty students that come for one assignment or the other. Are you good at typing, writing or do you have a laptop and a small printer. It is a very good way to make extra income. Just having a laptop and being a good typist can fetch you a large sum every week. By just typing assignments for students to print, you can make good money. If you have your printer, it helps you get more money because you will also print for the person. And printers are very cheap these days, with 5000 naira you can get one. From your hostel room you can do assignments for your colleagues and friends. By subsidizing the price you will attract more customers and gain grounds in a short time.

3) Tutorials:
Most tutorial centers you see these days were not just born out of the desire to make money. They were born out of the desire to teach and out of academic intelligence. Some of us students are good at one subject or the other especially, the gurus of the class. Your intelligence is not just there to make a name you can also make money off of it. There are many students who are willing to pay just to receive extra classes of those courses that give them though time. You can organize a paid tutorial for them. You can start with a free lesson and see how they respond to it before moving to paid tutorials. Imagine how much money you could make from tutorials alone. Especially when it turns into a tutorial center for different kinds of courses.

4) Campus business:
 Take a look at how many business centers in your university see how many patronage they get in a day and see how well business is moving. You can also get one for yourself. Use your spare time to work there and make extra cash in order to meet your needs. If you are too busy get a worker to stay there for you that way you will have time for your academics.

3 very simple ways you can make money online; make money on the internet

Here are some dead simple ways to make money on the internet with little or no sweat. Making money on the internet has become more simplified than ever, this is because the internet connects millions of people all at the same time. And so simplifying work and reducing time and most importantly reaching millions and billions of people all at the same time

The internet has become one of the greatest inventions of this century. Almost anything we do these days involves using the internet in one way or the other. One of the fastest ways to make money these days is using the internet. This is because it can reach millions of people all in one instant. And so weather it is a product or a service you are rendering millions can access it at the same time. So imagine selling shoes on the internet. Millions of people can see the advertisement in a very short time. Helping you make a lot of sales in a short time.
Here are 3 simple ways you can make money on the internet.
1) Sell a product
2) Provide a service
3) Affiliate marketing

1) Sell a product:

 You can sell 1000 products all in one time especially when it is a digital product like a book. For example imaging advertising a book to all the friends you have on your facebook account. And sending that same book to 5 friends for a fee,

One of the ways you can sell your product online is having an e-commerce site.  An example is www.amazon.com, www.konga.com , www.jumia.com etc these sites use the advantage of the internet to advertise their products to millions of people at a time.

Another way is using your website as a way of advertising what your company produce or whatever you produce for sale. That way you can reach a lot of people in the shortest possible time. You can also use your social media account to advertise and sell your products by displaying them on your timeline or status for people to see them. For example you sell beads or books you can snap them and display them on your timeline. Think of this you have many friends on social media who can advertise for you also.

2) Provide a service:

Another way is to provide a service, this is another fast method used by people to make money. For Example, blogging, Wikipedia, online magazines.  Etc. but whatever service you are rendering must be of value to the audience.

These all are ways of rendering services for example Wikipedia render academic services to people and many people donate money to them to keep the website functioning. This is because they receive real value from the website.  A donation might sound small but consider receiving donations from millions of people worldwide. That’s a large sum you know. 
Another way is blogging, when your blog becomes very relevant. There is a platform called Google adsense in which you can register in order to make money from your blog.  For example the famous blogger in Nigeria linda ikeji she renders entertainment and gossip to her audience and Google adsense pay her for it because of the millions of people that visit her site daily. The adsense program might pay you per click or per impression depends on what you register.

3) Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another simple way to make money online. By helping companies and individuals advertise their product or service using your social media platform or website and they in turn pay you for that service you render to them. Some example of affiliate markets you can register are.
Longtailpro,  konga, Adfly, Amazon Etc.

Make money from the Comfort of Your Home; 2 simple ways you can make money at home

To make money is really difficult? Well think again, the thing is that, many of us think that to make money is very difficult. Well it is not difficult all you need to do is to follow the right principles and methods at the right time.
Before you can ever get money to your pocket there are only two things you need to do.
1) Render a service
2) Sell a product

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1)  Render a service

Especially for most of us who are skilled in one way or the other. Rendering a service has to do with what you offer as value to another person in exchange for money. It’s as simple as that. You want money? Render a service, the truth is that most of us are good at one thing or the other, still we are broke, and some people do not know how to exchange what they can do for money.
One of the ways you can make money from the comfort of your home is

> Laundry and dry cleaning services

 Most of us think we need a very big company or shop in order to be able to earn money or start up a business.  The best way to grow a business is tart small but don’t remain there aim higher and progress. The truth is that you can start a business from almost anywhere provided you can get it to your target audience and you also offer real value.
Especially for most of that have our houses close to the road. It’s an added advantage for us. It requires almost no capital to start up a laundry business you just need your washing implements and ingredients and a pressing iron. You can start from there and grow your business. The best way to grow a business is tart small but don’t remain there aim higher and progress.


Skill is also an asset that can be used to generate income, for those who can plait hair, and are very good at it.  You do not need a huge sum of money and a big shop you can start from where you are and with what you have but refuse to stop there. All you need is your skill and a little poster in front of your house. When you are very good at what you do your skill will speak for it. people who are satisfied will bring customers for you and that is how you will start the growth process.

>Day Care

Even if you are a house wife you have no excuse. You can make good money. If you really are a good person and neighbor you will have gained acceptance and trust from your neighbors.  Starting a day care is an excellent way of making money many busy parents will pay almost anything for some to take care of their children while they go about their daily business. You can start from you house. In fact it is the best place to start.

>computer business center

It is an added advantage if your house is located close to the road and near schools and busy areas. All you need is a good laptop or a desktop, a printer, and a small generator also you need a photocopy machine.  And you are good to go.

>consultancy services

It is even easier if you are a consultant in one area or the other. All you need to do is to carve out an area of your house where you can sit and wait for your clients. For example you are a lawyer that has his chamber; you can start it by the side of your house. Making money in this century has become easy and limitless; all you need to do is have an eye for details and you are on your way to financial freedom.

2) Sell a product

Another way to bring money out of peoples pocket to pay you is to sell a product. This is the most common way of making money.  Here are some simple things you can do to sell a product from the comfort of your home.

>open a shop in front of your house

You must have noticed a lot of provision stores around town and your areas, no matter how small it is a way to generate income to cover for some small expenses that we make. Starting a provision store is also a good way to make money.

>cosmetics and body ornaments
For example beads, hand bangles earrings. Etc. most people are skilled in this area but do not know how to market it. All you do is simply make good designs and display them around your house or show it to the neighbors who will in turn help you advertise it. That is if it is excellent, in both design and beauty.

>sales of soft drinks

Others who are also good caterers can do their catering services in their house and then transport the finished product to the customer. Caterers can also do locally made soft drinks and sell them.

>sales of food and snacks

Local food vendor’s start most times from their house, they use their house as the kitchen and the selling point for their food or snacks. All you need to keep in mind is start small but refuse to remain small. You can make it.

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