Friday, 5 May 2017

10 business ideas that will forever be relevant

Simple way to become rich 

Many of us have been told that to become rich we need a business idea and startup capital. Here is the real deal. It is not just about the idea and the startup capital. One has to also be passionate about that business idea. You cannot give an expert driver an idea that is related to catering. While it is so obvious that he will not want to work with it. Or even he tries it he will end up hating the business because what? He’s not passionate about catering. When seeking business ideas we need to seek ideas related to the area of our passion. So that when the going gets tough it’s the love for what we are doing that will keep us going.

You can dramatically increase the odds in your favor by constantly seeking new ideas to help you to achieve your goals. The fact is that, “Your success will be in direct proportion to the quality and quantity of ideas (that is how valuable your idea is) that you can generate to improve your current circumstances.”

Ideas are the keys to the future. Ideas are the primary source of value today. Ideas are the cream of knowledge rising to the top. They represent a synthesis of information crystallizing into a usable concept. The more ideas you generate, the more likely it is that you will discover the right idea at the right time for you.

The value of ideas

But remembers ideas in and of themselves have no value. It is only your ability to take an idea and to apply it in such a way that you can bring about some result or improvement that adds worth to the idea. You must personally make the idea worth something. I am always amazed when people write to me, or phone, and try to sell me their new idea. I ask them, “What is it?” They say that they can’t tell me the idea until I have paid them for it. I try to explain to them that their ideas are of no value by themselves. They are often shocked. They think that their idea has value just because they thought of it. The fact is that 99 out of 100 ideas don’t work, at least not in their original form. This is why you have to generate a lot of ideas if you are going to come up with the one that makes a difference. There is a direct relationship between the quantity of ideas and the quality of ideas. And the one idea that does work only has value when it is combined and recombined with a variety of other ideas and information to achieve some worthy end.

Below are;

10 business ideas that will forever be relevant

1) Transportation business

2) Restaurant

3) Recreation and game centers

4) Salon

5) Event management, planning and logistics

6) Supermarket

7) Real estate

8) Agriculture (farming)

9) Sales Building materials.

10) Car wash (it is better automated)

These are areas that affect peoples’ lives on a daily basis.

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