Thursday, 18 May 2017

3 very simple ways you can make money online; make money on the internet

Here are some dead simple ways to make money on the internet with little or no sweat. Making money on the internet has become more simplified than ever, this is because the internet connects millions of people all at the same time. And so simplifying work and reducing time and most importantly reaching millions and billions of people all at the same time

The internet has become one of the greatest inventions of this century. Almost anything we do these days involves using the internet in one way or the other. One of the fastest ways to make money these days is using the internet. This is because it can reach millions of people all in one instant. And so weather it is a product or a service you are rendering millions can access it at the same time. So imagine selling shoes on the internet. Millions of people can see the advertisement in a very short time. Helping you make a lot of sales in a short time.
Here are 3 simple ways you can make money on the internet.
1) Sell a product
2) Provide a service
3) Affiliate marketing

1) Sell a product:

 You can sell 1000 products all in one time especially when it is a digital product like a book. For example imaging advertising a book to all the friends you have on your facebook account. And sending that same book to 5 friends for a fee,

One of the ways you can sell your product online is having an e-commerce site.  An example is www.amazon.com, www.konga.com , www.jumia.com etc these sites use the advantage of the internet to advertise their products to millions of people at a time.

Another way is using your website as a way of advertising what your company produce or whatever you produce for sale. That way you can reach a lot of people in the shortest possible time. You can also use your social media account to advertise and sell your products by displaying them on your timeline or status for people to see them. For example you sell beads or books you can snap them and display them on your timeline. Think of this you have many friends on social media who can advertise for you also.

2) Provide a service:

Another way is to provide a service, this is another fast method used by people to make money. For Example, blogging, Wikipedia, online magazines.  Etc. but whatever service you are rendering must be of value to the audience.

These all are ways of rendering services for example Wikipedia render academic services to people and many people donate money to them to keep the website functioning. This is because they receive real value from the website.  A donation might sound small but consider receiving donations from millions of people worldwide. That’s a large sum you know. 
Another way is blogging, when your blog becomes very relevant. There is a platform called Google adsense in which you can register in order to make money from your blog.  For example the famous blogger in Nigeria linda ikeji she renders entertainment and gossip to her audience and Google adsense pay her for it because of the millions of people that visit her site daily. The adsense program might pay you per click or per impression depends on what you register.

3) Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another simple way to make money online. By helping companies and individuals advertise their product or service using your social media platform or website and they in turn pay you for that service you render to them. Some example of affiliate markets you can register are.
Longtailpro,  konga, Adfly, Amazon Etc.

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