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7 Things you can do to Make Money during Your NYSC


PCM’S Here are 7 things you can do to make money during your NYSC period. For most of us especially guys you must have come to find out that. After NYSC your life starts most guys start to live as bachelors after their NYSC. It is necessary that we make the most of our time during this period.
Everyone knows that the allowances given during NYSC are hardly enough and so here are 7 things you can do to help increase your income.

1) Tutoring

Most parents want their children to perform well in school and we all know education is very important, not every parent will over look such an opportunity for their children to gain more knowledge in order to pass their exams. For most of us the guru’s, especially those who are good at one course, subject or the other. And for those who would be carried to primary and secondary schools as teachers. This is an opportunity to increase your income and also have something to save for future use. You could organize tutorials for students, after school lessons, even home lessons at subsidized rate.

2) Blogging/ internet business

You must have heard about the famous linda ikeji the blogger, who makes millions
of naira from her blog, for those who are good with computers and the internet you can use your spare time to open up a blog and within few months you can start earning from your blog. You can also surf the internet on how to make money online there are hundreds of ways you can make money online; you can do a freelance work on www.freelancer.com  for a fee of some dollars which can help you boost your income. Also you can sell your art works, pictures, or videos on www.fiver.com . For 10 dollars or even more, there are thousands of ways you can take paid surveys for companies and they will pay you for it.

3) Evening job (e.g. hotel)

Most organizations close work at 4pm. Schools close earlier than that. Being a youth and still having much strength. You can take evening jobs at organizations or labor works around the area you are posted to, there is dignity in labor provided it is a honorable job. For those posted to cities. You can take evening jobs of dish washing cleaning and other services. This will also boost your income. All you need to do is to have an eye to see where there is opportunity and take advantage of it.

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4) Agriculture (e.g. poultry)

Agriculture is another good way of making money, the thing with agriculture is that you need very little capital to start. All you need is patience and persistence. You can get a small cage and buy small broilers (poultry) it takes only three months for them to be matured enough for consumption. If you get a 100 birds each costs less than 250 per bird and the end of the 3rd months you will sell a bird for about 1500-2500 depending on the size and the cost of the birds in the area. Which should give you about 150,000 if all your birds stay alive And if you are not good at taking care of birds you can pay someone to do it for you. It doesn’t cost much.

5) Skill (e.g. laundry)

For most of us who have one skill or the other for example ladies that plait hair, guys who are barbers, electrician etc this is also an opportunity to make money using your skills, you skills is one way you can make limitless sum of money. All you need to do is observe the environment and find out which of your skills will be relevant in that environment. For example barbing and plaiting are always relevant. Guys need to barb at least once a month and when you become popular you will have plenty of customers. This is a very good way to increase our income during your NYSC.

6) Buying and selling of agricultural produce

For some of us who will be posted to villages. Which we don’t pray for of course but should in case you are it is also a good way to generate income. For those who cannot farm. It is also excellent. If you are very observant you must have noticed that agricultural products are very cheap in rural areas. Here is your opportunity. Save a little of your allowance and purchase this produce and sell them If you cannot do it alone join hands with your friends to gather a good sum of money which you can use to buy this produce in large quantity. Which in turn will bring you a larger profit?

7) You can save some little money and start a business

You can also save your money to start a business for us entrepreneurs. Yes! You might say the allowance is too small to start anything worthwhile. But you will be surprised will a little patience and persistence at the end you will have saved enough to start you that ladies saloon or that barbers shop. Nothing good comes easy. The richest men also have developed a saving culture to have gotten to where they are today.
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