Thursday, 18 May 2017

Easy ways you can make money as a student

As students’ money is never enough, there is always a need for more money, there is always something to buy. Many students do not know that there are many easy methods they can apply to make money.

Here are few easy ways you can use in order to make more money as a student.
1) Your talent
2) Assignments
3) Tutorials
4) Campus business

Very true: Easy ways to stay out of recession this season

1) Your talent:
Your talent is the best gift from God to you to make money, and school especially the campus is the best place to test a business idea. Most of us are talented in one thing or the other for example. You are good at bead making , you can make body ornament for people like necklace, wristband earrings and so on what you require is just a little capital to buy your tools. All you need to do is stay in your hostel room and design a beautiful masterpiece and advertise it by showing it to your friends and colleagues. Within a short time you will gain a lot of customers.

2) Assignments:
Have you stop to wonder how much those business centers you take your projects, photocopies, printing, Etc. have you stop to wonder how much they make in a day. Considering the plenty students that come for one assignment or the other. Are you good at typing, writing or do you have a laptop and a small printer. It is a very good way to make extra income. Just having a laptop and being a good typist can fetch you a large sum every week. By just typing assignments for students to print, you can make good money. If you have your printer, it helps you get more money because you will also print for the person. And printers are very cheap these days, with 5000 naira you can get one. From your hostel room you can do assignments for your colleagues and friends. By subsidizing the price you will attract more customers and gain grounds in a short time.

3) Tutorials:
Most tutorial centers you see these days were not just born out of the desire to make money. They were born out of the desire to teach and out of academic intelligence. Some of us students are good at one subject or the other especially, the gurus of the class. Your intelligence is not just there to make a name you can also make money off of it. There are many students who are willing to pay just to receive extra classes of those courses that give them though time. You can organize a paid tutorial for them. You can start with a free lesson and see how they respond to it before moving to paid tutorials. Imagine how much money you could make from tutorials alone. Especially when it turns into a tutorial center for different kinds of courses.

4) Campus business:
 Take a look at how many business centers in your university see how many patronage they get in a day and see how well business is moving. You can also get one for yourself. Use your spare time to work there and make extra cash in order to meet your needs. If you are too busy get a worker to stay there for you that way you will have time for your academics.

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