Thursday, 18 May 2017

How to monetize your talent

As it is always said your talent is one of the easy ways God has made for you to be able to make money with little or no sweat.  Look at 2face, psquare, fahlz, and other talented musicians. All they do is sing and they are paid for singing, the best part is that they love what they do. What you are talented at is the only thing you will love to do at anytime anywhere and never get tired of doing so.
The best thing is that everybody is talented, all you need to do is to discover it and you are on your way to riches. If you have not discovered it, look at what you enjoy doing the most and what gives you joy always and you will be able to know your talent.

This is how you monetize you talent; every talent has its targeted audience for example, graphics designer has a different audience from a comedian so also a cartoonist.

So to monetize your talent;
>find the targeted audience for your talent
>know exactly what they want
>provide it to them at a price they can afford.

So for example, if you are a cartoonist; your targeted audience might be children, find out exactly what they want, that is what they will enjoy watching, listening or reading. Then provide it to them at at price they can afford.

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