Monday, 8 May 2017

How to save your money during NYSC

you will be surprised! If you saved 5,000 every month at the end of the year you will have gotten 60,000.  When you talk about saving people tend to refuse and give all kinds of excuses because they don’t like hard work or process. People just want things to happen for them not knowing that they have to make it happen by themselves.
Here are 5 things you can do to help you save money during your NYSC;

1) Make a list of your expenditure i.e. make a list of the things you spend and calculate the total amount. This way you will know how much you spend monthly and how much remains after you have spent that amount. You can save whatever remains or whatever you decide to save.

2) try this look at the total money you spend every month, you will find out that you spend too much on irrelevant things.  Spend your money on necessities that is only the things which are important.
This way you will be able to save the remaining money.

3) Be determined; great men never just got to where they are by luck or chance they constantly worked at it and where determined to make it. When you feel like quitting. Look at the gain at the end of it. Also learn to push yourself to the limit.

4) If you find it hard to save. Open a fixed deposit account with your bank and save the money there. Fix the time to 1 year so that after your NYSC it will be ready. You can also give a trusted relation or friend to hold it for you. Or better still join a cooperative group.

5) Take other jobs this way you won’t have much financial pressure on you. And so you will not be tempted to spend the money.  By taking other jobs or using you skills to generate more income you can have extra money to spend. And also some to save.

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