Thursday, 18 May 2017

Make money from event management

You will agree with me that, Every Saturday is somebody’s wedding ceremony also everyday is somebody’s birthday. There is an event and social gathering at a place at every point in time. Have you now seen that you have been passing by money every day and have not noticed it?
Depending on the location, event managers give different price for their services sometimes they are priced up to 4 million naira to organize a wedding ceremony.
All you need to do is to have a knowledge and experience on event management and you are good to go. If you don’t, you can learn it. if you are patient within few months to 3 years you would have known what it takes to be an event manager.
 Else there are various aspects of event management, there is catering services, rentals, decoration, renting of decoration materials, ushering services and so on no matter how bad you are you should be able to fit into an aspect for example almost everybody should be able to do ushering. Look at it from this stand point. If you usher in 4 weddings in a month you will get paid for that. Also there are other benefits that come from being part of the team.
It is really not difficult to make money all we need to do it to have an eye for details and to be able to act at the right time.

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