Tuesday, 1 August 2017

5 Traits of the Rich and Powerful

The rich and powerful all come from different backgrounds and they all acquired their wealth at different times. But I’ve interviewed many of the most well-known rich and wealthy to find out which traits they have in common. And I’ve managed to find five traits that they all possess.

If you want to be rich and powerful then these are the five traits you absolutely must have.


A sense of purpose is necessary for anyone who wants to make money and get rich. You need to be able to set down clear goals and milestones that you can follow. This is what keeps you motivated and this is what gives you a clear and regular direction.

You might say this is what motivation is at its heart.

Constantly Seeking

Why do the rich and powerful never seem to call it a day?

That’s because they’re different from everyone else. It’s something I saw in myself even after I became a successful trader. I’m constantly seeking something.

This could be as simple as more money or, as in my case, a willingness to give back. In other words, the rich and powerful are always seeking something. They’re always looking to achieve something else.


You might be wondering why I consider humility to be such an important trait of the rich and powerful. It’s quite simple really.

When you don’t have humility, you have arrogance. When you have arrogance, you have pride. And when you have too much of these things you start to get complacent and you start to make mistakes. My second millionaire student Tim Grittani is very humble despite turning $1,500 into now $4.6 million. 


There’s also a point that must be made about awareness in general. Being aware means you can see things coming. You know where your weaknesses are.

Awareness is not something that can be easily pinpointed. It accounts for a lot of things. But possessing awareness means you can achieve a tremendous amount in life.

I like to call it staying current.

You may have noticed that 99% of the rich and powerful give back. This can be in the form of money but it can also be in the form of time. Sometimes you might open a charity and sometimes you might simply decide to provide free services or advice to another business.

I’ve always believed generosity is key because this is how you form lifelong relationships and it’s how you keep a sense of what really matters in this world. It stops you from being consumed by the stench of your own farts and the pervading odor of your own smugness.

In other words, it helps me to stay both motivated and humble at the same time.

Last Word – Staying Wealthy

These are the five traits that will ultimately lead to your success as a wealthy person going forward. Master these characteristics and you have all the tools you need to meet your financial goals.

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