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Image result for rice milling machinethere various kinds of rice milling machines. some are as small as home made grinding machines others are as big as a whole house. it all comes down to how good you want your rice to look and the purpose to which you intent to put the milling machines to. of course you will agree that the large rice milling machines will be more efficient in processing the rice more than the small rice milling machines. but if you intend t purchase your milling machine for business it is advisable to purchase the large machines in order to have a higher quality after processing. below are some of the milling machines available in the market.

 1) 6N40X mini home milling machine produced by sichuan wanma macinery manufacturing co.ltd tel: +862884399077
2) AWN68 is another mini home rice milling machine by hammer-mills.org tel: +8615093108135.
3) CTNM15B is a large combined rice milling machine
4) MLNJ1513 is a large combined rice milling machine by hubei xianliang machinery co. ltd.
5) ZZNM15 is a combined diesel rice milling machine.

There are various places you can get rice milling machines for sale at a good price.
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Image result for rice milling process  

After harvesting rice goes through various processes before it becomes good enough for consumption, those stages all put together is what is know as rice milling process. the following are the stages.

1) cleaning
2) hulling
3) milling
4) polishing
5) grading
6) sorting
7) packing and bagging/packaging

1) cleaning:
it is the firat stage after the rice is harvested. the rice is taken the mill or or factory where it is cleaned and every impurity is removed, e.g grass.
2) hurling : the milling machines removes the brown rice from inside the shell or husk.
3) milling: in this process the machine removes the brown layer from the rice. and it becomes white.
4) polishing: the machine then smooth ens and brightens the surface of the rice further.
5) Grading: after the rice is polished. it passes through a series of rollers which makes it more smoother and brighter.
6) sorting: this stage adds value to the rice and further removes any impurities such as broken particles.
7) packing and bagging/packaging: the processed rice is then packaged for sale or storage.

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